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  • Ironmongery Guide

    Since the launch of the Fulham Brass website back in 2008 one of our most frequently used pages is the free Ironmongery Guide. It is especially focussed on helping our customers to identify the main types of doors and windows and also the technical names for the various pieces of architectural hardware that might looking for.

    Many people come into our showroom wanting to see or buy items and they are not aware of the name of a product. This is perfectly natural otherwise everyone would be an ironmonger.

    Going on to the Ironmongery Guide on our website it is possible to find the technical term for most items and this will ensure that we are able to help in the quickest possible time.

    We hope this will makes our customers more confident and able to find what they are looking for or help explain it to us when you get in touch.

    We recommend checking on the Ironmongery Guide tab on our website to find the exact piece of hardware that is required.

    Conrad Sandler the Fulham Brass owner is an ironmonger of 60 years experience and a past Chairman of The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, he will continue to write and expand on this invaluable consumer guide, creating an indispensable road map on the subject of architectural hardware. Right now the working title for this is “The Layman’s Guide to Knobs & Knockers” and we will be pre-publishing sections on our blog as they are completed so watch this space for the publication sometime towards the end of 2014.

  • Fulham Brass Website Upgrade

    Fulham Brass Updated Homepage

    Fulham Brass have done it again with their new upgraded website.

    Every section has been improved which has made it easier to navigate the site.

    The buy-online has been improved with better transparency of product finishes and prices.

    A new section specially for Interior Designers and Architects has been introduced and this will be constantly updated with our new bespoke products. We also have started to show interesting projects that we have recently completed.

    Since the advent of the internet we have constantly sought ways of giving the same service on-line that we give when clients come into our showroom.

    We believe that we can give a better buying experience and part of that is the fielding of our telephones. It will always be a human being that answers and that person will try to help you or immediately put you on to the person that can. When we say that we will call you back we do just that. We do not record our phone calls for “quality or training purposes” as we know the quality we give and trainees do not answer the phone until we feel that they are proficient professionals.

    However we are not complacent so please log on to our site, tell us what you think, tell us of any mistakes or typos and we will be forever in your debt.

  • Supporting team GB

    Fulham Brass & Ironmongery were in concert with the Fulham Brass Band to support Team GB's Olympic bid for gold on Saturday, 28th July. Sadly, our boys did not make it but the residents of Fulham were treated to a great afternoon with delicious snacks, nibbles, soft drinks, beer and wine listening to the mellow rhapsodies of many old favourites.

    Conrad Sandler, Proprietor of Fulham Brass, was delighted. "We set out to put on a show for the community. We played our part and, thanks to the Fulham Brass Band, everyone in earshot clearly enjoyed themselves judging by the applause".

    Spectators were welcome to the hospitality and to look around London’s most brilliant display of door and window furniture. There were a number of compliments from local residents as well as the architects and interior designers who visited.

    "I would like to thank Cycle Surgery for the racing cycle kindly loaned to enhance our window display and especially the Fulham Brass Band. Even if it is not here every day to welcome our customers, they will always find us in tune with their wishes", said Conrad.

  • In Safe Hands

    If you need a secure place to keep your valuables at home, you have come to the right place. Fulham Brass. Now you’re in safe hands!

    The safes are made in Germany by Burg Wächter, so quality and security are assured. There is a so-called ‘free-standing’ range to cover most needs but they can all be securely anchored into a wall or floor or cemented in. They come in a range of sizes and are rated according the valuables you want to keep secure starting from £1000 in cash to £100,000 in valuables. They lock using a key or keypad or thumb scanner for the higher security rated safes which are also tamper-proof.


    The “Diplomat”. Internal measurements 250x348x294mm. weight 43 kg. Triple-walled body, flame cutting protected. Three-sided locking. Door protected against flame cutting, drilling and attack.

    In these anti-theft safes, you can keep your cash and valuables like jewellery, cameras, laptops and watches etc safely from unwelcome intruders.

    Burg Wächter seem have thought of everything: there is a neat safe that you can bolt into a drawer for smaller items, several that are heat-proof safes for precious documents and computer back-up tapes and discs. If you are gun keeper, there is a special safe for you, too.

    There are commercial ranges for shops and offices all intelligently designed and rated for whatever purpose you require.

    I recommend you go round to Fulham Brass at the Putney end of Fulham Road and get some safe advice. They really know what they are talking about and will gladly spend the time with you over your choice of excellent coffee. Now, be honest, what other architectural ironmonger offers that?

  • Security in numbers

    I wondered how long it would be before the digital revolution came knocking at my front door. Well, I can report, it’s arrived. The Keyfree Digital Lock is really neat idea from Yale. It is an intelligent lock a bit like the remote locking system in your car but far cleverer. It is a multi-point lock with strong hookbolts that respond to a single turn of the handle. It’s ‘Secure by Design’ hallmark means it is approved by the police and the insurance companies. Intruders are deterred by an 80-decibel alarm to scare them off!

    You can enter your own PIN number by pressing the illuminated keypad that lights up at a touch or use the remote fob - very handy when you are unloading your car. There is another PIN for your children, friends or other authorised persons that can be over-ridden by your own PIN. Finally – and I like this one – there is a fake PIN that mixes with your own to confuse nosey on-lookers.

    It is battery-powered with a discreet alarm light to tell you when the power is running low. And if, heaven forbid, you have forgotten your PIN and left the fob inside - what then? It’s a secret I can’t divulge but If you want to know how, you will have to visit Fulham Brass at the Putney end of Fulham Road. Their exciting showroom has the answer to everything to do with doors and windows.

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