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  • Ode to the humble hinge

    Ode to the humble hinge

    Have you noticed that no one sings

    about a door and the way that it swings.

    With a pull or push, no matter the weight

    Its action so smooth, there’s no debate.

    It opens and closes with effortless ease,

    So you can come and go as you please.

    Yet it’s hidden away quite out of view

    Isn’t it time we gave credit where credit is due?


    A three-way hingeA three-way hinge We have hinges that raise the door as it opens

    Or hinges all coloured to suit our emotions.

    There are covers if you think the screws unsightly

    (these pictures show what we mean quite nicely).

    Then there’s a Parliament hinge, the noblest of all,

    that graces the entrance to the greatest hall

    and with due solemnity directs and decrees

    The doors shall open one-eighty degrees.


    There are ingenious hinges to keep doors from view,

    A trompe d’oile effect so you haven’t a clue

    What secrets are hiding or just why they’re there.

    Or maybe, it cannot with the design interfere.

    There are yards of hinges for pianos grand

    and ball bearing hinges made to withstand

    The weight of imperious doors made of steel

    And hinges created for the widest appeal.

    Maybe polished in nickel or plated in chrome

    Or antiqued to suit the mock Tudor home.

    So whatever purpose or plan impinges,

    We have exactly the right door-hanging hinges.

    So if you want your doors to swing with class

    Come on, trade up to Fulham Brass.


     So give me no ‘maybes’ nor hesitant ‘buts’

    This is a case that opens and shuts.


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