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  • The Fulham Brass Unitary bathroom latch and lock kit

    Building trade welcomes the Fulham Brass Bathroom Unitary Solution.

    Faster to install. Easier to use.


    Fulham Brass has developed a simple solution to the bathroom horizontal mortice lock for 125mm and 127mm backsets when using mortice knob furniture.

    The two main advantages are
    • only 2 x 25mm holes have to be drilled instead of the large cavity needed for a horizontal bathroom lock.
    • the locking knob and outside release are under the knob rather than alongside which is not always convenient when there is a wide door stop.

    It is called the Unitary solution and it has been applauded by building contractors and joinery manufacturers for its ease of installation and use. Once installed it looks like a single unit whereas it is in fact two: a tubular mortice latch set above a tubular mortice deadbolt with a single faceplate as shown (top left).

    The distance between the two operating followers is 80mm allowing for a mortice knob rose of up to 70mm diameter.

    The Unitary kit comprises a striking plate, back box to cover the raw woodwork, the single faceplate and a full size template to give the installer the exact position for the holes to be drilled.

    The unitary kit is supplied from stock in Polished Brass, Polished Stainless Steel and Satin Stainless Steel. Other finishes can be made to order.

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  • Personalising Door Handles

    Spot the odd one out.

    A luxury watch ... A mug of tea ...
    A monogrammed lever handle ... an Aston Martin?





    The answer is a mug of tea. It is the tea, the universal drink enjoyed by almost everyone. The others have something definitive to say about their owners.

    Take the monogrammed lever handle. It is not something you see every day. In fact, this is one of a unique set of door handles made for a very particular client. The handle itself is of superior quality finished in polished nickel and part of the Fulham Brass bespoke range.

    The engraving was added to personalise it with the family name.Modern technology enables Fulham Brass to make bespoke items to order. It could be a whole new design or the modification of an existing high quality item. Price comes into it, of course, but it will be a lot less than you think.

    As if that mattered if you drive an Aston Martin Rapide.

    See samples on Or call for samples to be brought to your office.

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