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  • New “CUBBARD WIRE FREE” Lighting System

    How many times do you struggle to see things properly in your wardrobes and cupboards because there is no decent lighting system.

    CUBBARD WIRE FREE has LED strip lights and even LED Hanging Rail Units in various lengths.

    They are automatic in that they sense movement and light up as soon as the door is opened and better still switch off when the movement ceases.

    The light is Cool White so that colours of fabrics are easily discernible.

    There are 350mm, 550mm and 850mm Strip Lights and these can easily be cut down to make an optimum length. The Wardrobe Rails are 362mm, 562mm or 1162mm with either side or top fixings and can also be cut down to exact size.

    There is a Single Round units for small areas.

    The best of all is that they are supplied with a mains or USB long lead charger and that is why there is no cabling necessary, just one or two wood screws and you have beautiful automatic CUBBARD LIGHTING.

  • Ironmongery Guide

    Since the launch of the Fulham Brass website back in 2008 one of our most frequently used pages is the free Ironmongery Guide. It is especially focussed on helping our customers to identify the main types of doors and windows and also the technical names for the various pieces of architectural hardware that might looking for.

    Many people come into our showroom wanting to see or buy items and they are not aware of the name of a product. This is perfectly natural otherwise everyone would be an ironmonger.

    Going on to the Ironmongery Guide on our website it is possible to find the technical term for most items and this will ensure that we are able to help in the quickest possible time.

    We hope this will makes our customers more confident and able to find what they are looking for or help explain it to us when you get in touch.

    We recommend checking on the Ironmongery Guide tab on our website to find the exact piece of hardware that is required.

    Conrad Sandler the Fulham Brass owner is an ironmonger of 60 years experience and a past Chairman of The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, he will continue to write and expand on this invaluable consumer guide, creating an indispensable road map on the subject of architectural hardware. Right now the working title for this is “The Layman’s Guide to Knobs & Knockers” and we will be pre-publishing sections on our blog as they are completed so watch this space for the publication sometime towards the end of 2014.

  • Fulham Brass Website Upgrade

    Fulham Brass Updated Homepage

    Fulham Brass have done it again with their new upgraded website.

    Every section has been improved which has made it easier to navigate the site.

    The buy-online has been improved with better transparency of product finishes and prices.

    A new section specially for Interior Designers and Architects has been introduced and this will be constantly updated with our new bespoke products. We also have started to show interesting projects that we have recently completed.

    Since the advent of the internet we have constantly sought ways of giving the same service on-line that we give when clients come into our showroom.

    We believe that we can give a better buying experience and part of that is the fielding of our telephones. It will always be a human being that answers and that person will try to help you or immediately put you on to the person that can. When we say that we will call you back we do just that. We do not record our phone calls for “quality or training purposes” as we know the quality we give and trainees do not answer the phone until we feel that they are proficient professionals.

    However we are not complacent so please log on to our site, tell us what you think, tell us of any mistakes or typos and we will be forever in your debt.

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