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  • Creating a Wireless Doorbell System

    A wireless doorbell system can comprise of two or three parts, the bell push, which is on the outside of a door, in a three part system the transmitter which is wired to the bell push and the chime(s), which are located where it will easily be heard.

    Wireless doorbell systems are battery operated and the two part systems come with a plastic bell push which also acts as the transmitter.  Usually these do not fit in with the design or finish of the other items on the door and many people prefer a bell push in the same finish and design as the other hardware on the door. When fitting one of these the three part system has to be used as the metal bell pushes cannot be supplied with an integrated transmitter.

    With the above setup in place your front door hardware retains a consistency of design whilst giving the capability to move the bell location without the necessity of ugly cabling. Wireless systems have multiple frequency settings that are set to match the transmitter and receiver. The frequency setting also makes sure that any neighbour using a similar system can set theirs to work on a different frequency.

    The bells or chimes can be in a static box fixed to the wall or multiple boxes placed around your home to ensure that visitors are heard when they arrive. Alternatively chimes are available that are built into 13 Amp plugs that can be moved around the house and be plugged into a convenient 13 Amp Socket.

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