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  • Securing your Front Door using a MultiPoint Locking System

    multipoint-lock-image1Traditionally front doors have been secured using a cylinder rim night latch (commonly known in the UK as a Yale lock) and a 5 lever mortice deadlock (commonly known as a Chubb lock), recently however there has been a great increase in the installation of MultiPoint locking systems, which came to prominence with the advent of uPVC doors.

    A multi-point lock comprises a single unit that locks the door in a minimum of 3 places when activated by throwing bolts at the top and bottom of the door, as well as deadlocking the door in the middle.

    At first it was common to have to lift the handle upwards upon exiting the property in order to securely lock the door; however this tended to be  problematic for the elderly and infirm who sometimes struggled to lift the handle.  Police have said that it was common for doors to just be closed on the latch and for the occupier to forget to lock the door this became known to burglars who would go around these properties and on many occasions were able gain entry without using any force.

    The market has now moved on to more sophisticated products and a new type of multi-point lock has emerged which automatically throws the top and bottom hook bolts when the door is closed.  Additional security is provided when the key is turned and a deadbolt in the middle is thrown and this extra turn of the key also locks off the lever hand to prevent use of the door when the premises are not occupied.

    One of the main advantages of MultiPoint lcoks is that all the bolts are controlled by one cylinder making exit and entry very simple.

    To view the Automatic MultiPoint Lock please click here.

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