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  • Securing French Doors using Espagnolette or Cremone Bolts

    french_door_cremoneCommonly known as an Espagnolette bolt in the UK, the Cremone bolt has its origins in France where they are primarily used to lock tall windows, it is also one of many ways to secure your French doors in both a traditional and decorative manner.

    The locking rods run the entire length of the door and when the handle/knob is operated, the rods bolt the door simultaneously at the top and bottom.  An added benefit of this full length bolt is that it prevents the door from bowing in the winter months.

    Cremone bolts normally come with rods that are suitable for doors up to 2.3 metres; however they can be made to suit any size of door, the rods can be cut to any size to allow the handle/knob to be the required height from finished floor level.

    Locking versions of these bolts are available; varying in operation from a key that locks the handle/knob and prevents it from operating. Alternatively a simpler form of locking is buy a screw in one of the guides operated by an Allen type key that prevent the rods from moving.

    On pairs of French windows when the active leaf is required to be a “pass” door an outside handle/knob can be fitted.

    On pairs of doors for aesthetic purposes a dummy bolt is fitted to the inactive (second opening) door leaf.

    Cremone/Espagnolette bolts are not considered to be high security for insurance purposes and additional mortice bolts can be fitted to bring the doors up to an acceptable level of security by insurance underwriters.

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