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  • Security in numbers

    I wondered how long it would be before the digital revolution came knocking at my front door. Well, I can report, it’s arrived. The Keyfree Digital Lock is really neat idea from Yale. It is an intelligent lock a bit like the remote locking system in your car but far cleverer. It is a multi-point lock with strong hookbolts that respond to a single turn of the handle. It’s ‘Secure by Design’ hallmark means it is approved by the police and the insurance companies. Intruders are deterred by an 80-decibel alarm to scare them off!

    You can enter your own PIN number by pressing the illuminated keypad that lights up at a touch or use the remote fob - very handy when you are unloading your car. There is another PIN for your children, friends or other authorised persons that can be over-ridden by your own PIN. Finally – and I like this one – there is a fake PIN that mixes with your own to confuse nosey on-lookers.

    It is battery-powered with a discreet alarm light to tell you when the power is running low. And if, heaven forbid, you have forgotten your PIN and left the fob inside - what then? It’s a secret I can’t divulge but If you want to know how, you will have to visit Fulham Brass at the Putney end of Fulham Road. Their exciting showroom has the answer to everything to do with doors and windows.

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