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  • Getting Hooked

    All I wanted when I walked into Fulham Brass at the Putney end of the Fulham Road, was a hook to hang my bathrobe on.

    "That'll be a Robe Hook, Madam," said the helpful assistant. "Come with me," and I was led to panel showing every kind of hook you can imagine. Did you realise that there are cup hooks, robe hooks, cleat hooks, hat & coat hooks, curtain tie-back hooks, Antler hooks, swivelling hooks and a whole list of others too numerous to mention.

    "A robe hook?" asked my assistant. "No problem, do you want a single hook, a double hook? In chrome, satin chrome, brass, stainless steel …?” Have you ever been sorry that you started something?

    I am now an expert on hooks but the one that caught my eye (Sorry!) was a hook I have never seen before. It is called a Drop Down hook. Put simply, inventive mini-clothes rail that folds neatly away.

    How many times have you taken something out of the wardrobe to co-ordinate clothes with nowhere to hang them. The Drop Down hook takes no room when not in use but, when lifted, it locks in place you can put up to five items on it. Brilliant! Hang it, I thought, I’ll take two ... along with a double hook in chrome.

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