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  • Pocketing the difference

    There is nothing new about pocket doors. What is surprising is that since the Victorian age they seem to have eluded the minds of architects for most of the 20th century. There was one memorable exception:  the 1953 2.6 litre Kaiser Darrin was the archetypal American convertible with doors that slid into space behind the front wheels.

    Today, with space at a premium, pocket doors are becoming a necessity as they save around ten square feet of floor space over a hinged door. They can make a room a lot more versatile depending on the creativity of the designer. One large room can be made into two smaller rooms with double pocket doors, a feature that more and more interior designers are picking up on.

    Those with young families can swiftly turn the discombobulation of a nursery into the refined elegance of a drawing room by simply sweeping all away behind pocket doors! The more studious among us can create a den. We know of one instance where, in summer, the pocket doors turn part of the room into the garden while the other half is closed off  in semi-darkness while himself follows the hit-and-run of cricket on TV.

    Fulham Brass have the hardware to install pocket doors including this very elegant spring-loaded retractable handle so you can pull the door out of its pocket. Our showroom is packed with architectural ironmongery that inspire great ideas. Come and see for yourself.

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