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  • It's in the stars

    We had an unusual testimonial from a satisfied customer that we would like to share with you. Well, it wouldn't do to hide it under a bushel, as they say. This is what Mr Hall wrote:

    "It occurred to me that if you had to award stars for architectural ironmongers like they do for hotels, where would you begin?

    The best hotels earn five stars, the cheap and not so cheerful, just get one. It was my good fortune to find my first-ever five-star architectural ironmonger. Fulham Brass. Here's why:

    "The first star was for presentation. It was like entering a smart jewellers shop in bond street. The second was for hospitality: the welcome was genuine and the desire to help sincere. The third star was for comfort. Where else can you sit down in unhurried comfort and be offered a choice of coffee? The fourth star was for prompt attention. Most of the 7000 different items were available in stock for me to take away that day. And the fifth? Room Service! Ironmongery is a complicated business. Apart from a massive choice of products, there are dual standards of measurement. The items may look the same but some work and some don't depending on the placement. Nightmare!

    "Room service simplifies the whole thing. No one knows ironmongery like Fulham Brass. They will visit the site, ensure you choice is fit for purpose, deliver and label the goods so you know exactly where they are to be fitted. And it is FREE."

    Thank you, Mr Hall. It was a cappuccino, wasn't it?

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