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    CABINET RESHUFFLE by Dudley Cameron

    A cabinet reshuffle is one of those rare times when we show some interest in politics; usually you have it thrust at you. There is always the hope that, with a new face, something good will happen. Sadly it doesn’t. But cheer up, a cabinet reshuffle in the nursery (the analogy to parliament is not so far fetched) can make all the difference to a child’s disposition.

    Interior designers will tell you that colour, texture, or a theme can brighten the room and lift the spirit. So can any of the ideas shown on the right. Replace the boring knob or handle
    with a kids cupboard knob and give an ordinary cupboard or chest of drawers a  new lease of life.

    Fulham Brass at the Putney end of the Fulham Road displays several ranges of charming ideas to brighten the lives of children (teenage girls find them irresistible).

    Try as it might, our elected legislature cannot make such an immediate difference to the future generation’s outlook on life. Hop in now, we have lots of great ideas in stock!

    Oh! And a Happy Christmas to you all.

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