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  • Murano Glass

    Arsenic and old gold by Pietro Scaldini

    Since the 7th century, Venice has been famous for its glass. Murano Glass is an evolution of its Venetian parent and is so-called after a series of fires in the city in 1291 encouraged a group of craftsmen to relocate their trade to the safety of the nearby island of Murano.

    Over the centuries, Murano Glass evolved uniquely in technique, design, texture and colour. Visually exciting effects were created with the addition of various minerals: gold, arsenic, sodium, cobalt, copper and nitrates - to name just a few.

    The luminescent floral designs captured within hemispherical paper weights are recognisably the most common form of Murano Glass.

    The evolution continues: new techniques and imaginative ideas have been applied to door, cabinet and drawer handles: black with silver leaf or gold, amethyst, grey and white with silver leaf, all set in mountings of hi-grade polished or brushed steel. You can see them displayed as part of the Fulham Brass collection of over 7000 items of high quality architectural hardware.


    Image: A Murano Glass door or cupboard pull in a satin finish. Available in lengths of 76, 140 and 240 mm by 26 mm wide.

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